IRIX Community Edition

IRIX Community Edition, or IRIXCE/IRIX CE is a project designed to address security issues endemic to IRIX, patch against code and provide an open specification for custom patches and software distributions of IRIX to be used by any other project.

The website http://irixce.org is the hub of IRIX Community Edition development.

Projects Used

IRIX Community Edition leverages IRIX-neweoe and Libxg, both spearheaded by Raion, as well as scripts and code contributed by various users. The goal is to maintain a free and open specification and replace specific sections of the IRIX base with updated, free and open source libraries.

Code Policy

IRIX Community Edition is seeking to avoid GPLv2/GPLv3 code as much as possible. As the aim is to eventually have all of IRIX open sourced, the goal is to keep it under as much of a free, open source license as possible. This does not preclude GPL license contributions, but the main goal is to avoid retaliation or lawsuits that may be caused by the GPL's licensing policies being complex and legally ambiguous at times.

IRIX Community Edition's position as the purveyor of new IRIX base code puts it into a special position, and thus the project aims to allow for liberal licensing and permission policies from distributions based on its methods, code and more. Hence, it is entirely possible for a GPL licensed derivative to be produced, however this would require cooperation and agreement between that project, and IRIX Community Editions leaders.


Currently, the primary contributor is Raion, but others have helped along the way and suggestions are highly appreciated.