USB Cards

USB is officially supported on IRIX in a very limited fashion on Chimera (Tezro, Fuel, Origin/Onyx 3000, Origin/Onyx 3x0, and the Onyx4)

Classes Supported

invent.h defines four classes:
the root hub/controller
USB hubs
human interface devices
the graphics compositor (A peripheral used to composite multiple VPros into a single output)

Device Support

The number of confirmed devices that work under IRIX is quite small, but users have reported the following can work:

Three-button/scroll wheel mice (It's unknown if mice with additional buttons work)
USB hubs
USB Audio (little documentation has survived Nekochan on this, but it is mentioned in dmedia documentation)
PCI USB cards (mostly USB 1.1 with a handful of 2.0 cards)

    • Mass Storage is currently not an option**

Card Support

Adaptec AUA 3020 Rev B (Rev A doesn't work)
Belkin F5U220
Belkin N10117
SGI USB PCI card, SGI part number 9210286

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