L1 Controller

All of the systems based on the Chimera architecture (Fuel, Origin 3000, Onyx4, Origin/Onyx 3x0, Tezro) include a low-level hardware monitor, power management and startup/shutdown system called the L1 controller. This system does many things that earlier systems either lacked the capability of doing, or had a separate system that performed those functions, including holding serial numbers and configuring NUMA access.

Power commands

To start an L1 equipped SGI, type pwr up and hit return. pwr down shuts the system off.

Serial commands

Oftentimes when reconstructing a multi-node Origin system, the node bricks will not have matching serials. To clear a serial, type serial clear but it is advised to only do this on bricks with mismatched serials that can recover them from other bricks. To disable serial security, and copy serials from an L2 controller or other bricks, type let the carnage begin.