Marketplace Rules

In order to browse, list or buy anything on our marketplace, you agree to follow these rules in full, without exception. You also agree that the marketplace is a privilege, not a right, and that your privileges can be revoked for habitual violations of the rules or attempts to circumvent the rules. However, this will not affect your standing on other parts of the site.

General Rules

These rules will go into effect immediately upon launch of the new marketplace.

Profile Rules

You must supply a general location in your profile that is factual, accurate and in English,
i.e. a state/province/metropolitan area is required.

Dealer Accounts

Habitual sellers of eBay or other part dealer sites (sgisun.com, sgidepot.co.uk, mashek.com etc.) will be branded Dealers. This is a special designation designed to advise users of who they are buying from. Dealers are required to be given this user class for identification purposes.

Language in Marketplace

All language must follow general rules of respect and etiquette. In particular, we do not tolerate fighting, harassment or verbal abuse of users for selling items, no matter the veracity of the sale.

All correspondence and language must be conducted in English.

Price Discussions

In the interest of preventing price fixing or price driving, we do not allow most forms of price discussions. What this means is:

  • Please do not ask for people to appraise your items.
  • Discussion of historical pricing is allowed, including details of condition and configuration at the time of sale.

Each transaction is unique, and should not be used as a pricing guide.

How to Buy

In order to purchase an item, the following steps and rules must be taken:

1. Reply to the post declaring interest, and indicate you have PM'd the seller for further details. If there are multiple items, please explicitly declare what items you are looking to purchase in the post

2. Message the seller within 12 hours of declaring interest with the following information:

  • What methods of payment you may utilize to pay for the item.
  • Where you are located, including city, state/province, and country and including postal codes.
  • Any special arrangements for payment, inspection, local pickup, or shipping services.

3. Wait up to 48 hours for seller to respond. If seller does not respond in that time, indicate in a post that you have not yet heard from the seller.

4. Negotiate the sale, including shipping method, packaging, payment and tracking and then pay for the sale.

5. Indicate in the public listing for the item that you have **closed the deal** upon confirmation of received payment from the seller.

6. Verify shipping and tracking information from the seller and wait for the purchase to arrive.

7. Upon receipt of the purchased item please verify the physical condition. In the event of damage from shipping, take detailed photos and notes on package condition before removal of the item from its container. Test the purchase promptly to verify condition, to your satisfaction within a week of receipt.

8. Leave Feedback. Feedback is required of all buyers within a month of sale.

9. Once feedback has been left, indicate on the post that you have finished and that you'd like to close the thread.

The following practices are prohibited:

Scalping: A user may be banned if found flipping any items on IRIXNet on another site.

Ridiculing: Do not ridicule a seller. If you feel you were not treated fairly, report the thread. If you feel seller is a scammer, message the staff immediately. Do not ridicule pricing.

Bidding: All sales on the site are presented as fixed prices with an optional "or best offer" at the seller's discretion.

Trumping/Gazumping: An interested buyer may not offer a higher price to try and jump ahead of another user who has already declared interest

How to Sell

In order to sell an item, the following rules and steps must be taken:

1. Determine your item's condition. A functional item, that boots to PROM or has been tested sufficiently, can be sold as working. Working systems may be sold in **Systems**. Nonworking systems or systems with serious defects should be sold in Parts.

2. Take well-lit, clear photos of complete systems. You may be required to provide proof of ownership for rare/high value items, so please include a piece of paper with your forum username and the date of photography in one or more images.

3. Determine your item's price. All listings must have a price listed. You are not allowed to conduct auctions.

4. You are not obligated to take offers.

5. Post your thread in the appropriate category.

6. Wait for declarations of interest and a private message from the same individual. Do not respond to PMs that are made without declaring interest openly.

7. You are not required to offer it to the first user who messages you, but we highly encourage it. It is unfair to do so otherwise, and repeated, unwarranted avoidance of particular users could lead to an investigation.

8. Respond, ensuring you estimate shipping as accurately as possible, and include shipping insurance and **accurate declarations of value** in your quote. This is for your protection, not the buyer's. If you eschew this, then it is at your peril.

9. Declare in the thread what user you are currently working with.

10. Negotiate the sale details.

11. Close the sale and ship the item promptly. Write that you have shipped the item and provide the buyer with tracking.

12. Wait for item to arrive and confirm with the buyer if the tracking claims it was delivered. Try to get positive contact with the buyer to verify the buyer has indeed received the package. Do not rely solely on tracking services to confirm receipt by the buyer.

13. Once buyer confirms the purchase has arrived safely, Leave Feedback within 14 days.

14. Request to close the thread by replying to the public post you made.

Splitting a lot: You are not obligated to split a lot if you do not want to.

Response times: We highly recommend you respond within 48 hours, barring specific circumstances. Excessive delays can raise red flags. If you are going out of town or similar circumstances, please update the sale description with that information and an expected date you’ll be available again to answer inquires.

Bumping: You may bump a thread every 14 days if it has left the first page. You may not bump if it is on the first page however, unless you significantly modify the post.

Selling Elsewhere: It is permitted to sell items, elsewhere except for all auction sites (eBay, letgo, etc): You may not list any items on IRIXNet as an auction-style sale. The same price, unless it's a small discount under 10%, must be adhered to. You are also responsible for updating listings when an item sells elsewhere.

Responding to Wanted Adverts: Respond in the thread with a link to your item.

How to Post A Wanted Ad

You must post wanted ads in the Wanted Forum. With the following information:

1. Any specific configurations you require/request.

2. Your price range for such an item.

3. The geographical areas you are willing to buy from.

Feedback Rules

When leaving feedback, you must state the following:

1. You must provide the sale price, sans any shipping and handling/surcharges.

2. In the long comment field, you must document:

  • A brief description of the item
  • The arriving condition of the item
  • Any problems from shipping, including shipping damage
  • If any claims were filed with insurance

3. Do not include foul language of any kind in your comments, even if the transaction went south.

4. Feedback is mandated help to provide information about sellers and buyers to other users.

Reporting a problem buyer/seller

You may message any staff member about problems with a buyer or seller. You should include screenshots, transaction receipts, images and tracking IDs so our staff can get a full picture of what has transpired. We will attempt to make a good faith effort to mediate situations, but make no guarantee of outcomes.


We recommend using payment software such as:

  • Cash.app/Square Cash
  • Google Wallet/Pay
  • Skrill
  • Stripe
  • Paypal
  • Venmo

We recommend all exchanges take place on the forums. You can export messages in your inbox or sentbox using the "download messages" button if you want backups.

All transactions should use accurate declared value and descriptions. We understand import duties can be high, but insurance is not recommended to be eschewed, and attempting to put the seller on the hook for lost packages or damage from international shipping will likely be frowned upon. Similarly, sellers should insist on insurance and tracking for all packages.