Data Handling Policies

The IRIX Network is operated within the US and hosted within the US, and thus we are compliant with, and only with the laws and regulations of the US.

Information Collected via Browsing

All activity, even when not logged in, is logged on the web server for a period not exceeding 30 days.

This information includes your full IP address, User Agent and pages accessed.

Information Collected for the Wiki and Forums

Your email address, IP address and username are all stored in perpetuity by both Tiki CMS Groupware and MyBB.

Additional information may be volunteered by the user.

Our Wiki and Forums use Sendgrid to send information out, and in doing so we do keep a record of messages sent out for a period not exceeding one (1) calendar year.

Disclaimer Regarding Linked or Archived Content

Because of the nature of this forum, it's possible and highly likely someone will archive your posts at some point. We encourage archiving of our site for posterity, and by use of our services, you consent to this.

The forum admins are not responsible for linked or archived content either on or off our servers, including user-generated content.

We are 100% compliant with US law and will respond appropriately to abuse, DMCA and court orders sent to us. We do not make claims to be compliant with laws of any other country - this info is kept here for informational purposes.

Deletion of content

We will delete accounts determined to be abuse, spam etc. but we do not delete a banned user's original account even by request.

Upon request, we will scrub the account of any identifiable information, up to and including usernames.