The Rules

In using this site, including the Wiki, Silicon Image and the Forums, you agree to our rules, in full, below.

General Rules

  • Only one account: Do not create multiple accounts to any of our services.
  • Keep it topical: Topics must remain appropriate for the category, and forum topics should not be derailed.
  • No Politics: These are not political forums and we do not allow political discussions or messaging of any kind, including astroturfing or soapboxing. This includes avatars and signatures.
  • Stalking, harassment, and threats: We take all threats seriously and will turn over any of these to the appropriate authorities.
  • Promotion of other services: Posts linking to other services must be of substance and not just be a low quality link to an outside resource. Relevancy should be determined carefully.
  • Software, DMCA and more: We operate in the US, under US law. Therefore we fully comply with all DMCA complaints and requests within 48 hours. We're not a warez site, but we also understand preservation of software, so we're quite permissive here.
  • Moderation: The Staff are all permitted to moderate at their discretion. This includes against members using excessive foul language, starting fights, spreading of gossip, covert harassment, doxxing or other disruptive means.
  • Appeals: Appeals should be directed to the administration specifically for review.

Marketplace Rules

Marketplace Rules

Attachments and Image Retention Policy

  • We permit attachments for images, text files and tarballs in the following formats: tar, tar.gz, jpeg, png, bmp, gif and txt
  • We limit all attachment sizes, other than tar/tar.gz files, to 2MB. This will not be increased upon request.
  • Disk space is limited, please be courteous when uploading files as we are not a file host.
  • Attachments will be kept on a best effort basis, but it's recommended to host files both onsite and offsite, as we cannot guarantee these attachments will be available with future software updates or migrations.
  • Please do not circumvent the attachment limitations, either by renaming or nesting files. This is logged and tracked, and will result in suspensions.

Silicon Image Policies

  • IRIX Network is the primary target of this image service. We encourage any signed up users to be on the forums and be actively involved with the community.
  • We do not permit pornography of any kind on our services. Any adult content is subject to removal and a ban, including artwork.
  • The primary purpose is for sharing IRIX and other hardware-related images. Substantial albums dedicated to personal effects are discouraged, this is a retrocomputing-focused image host.
  • We are not responsible for any data loss that your images may encounter on our services. As always, please maintain offsite backups. Silicon Image is backed up regularly and kept on a best-effort basis.

Data Handling

Data Handling Policies