Style Guide

In the interest of basic quality standards, IRIX maintains this page to ensure that all of its editors follow basic guidelines.


IRIX Wiki is a Closed Wiki, meaning anonymous editing is not permitted.

For Tiki Wiki syntax, check this page


By far this is the most imperative section to read. Please read for our standards for page formatting:

- Every page must begin with the title as a Headline Level 2 !!Page Title Here
- Each subsection must use a level 3 headline, which uses three exclamation points
- Use plus-minus single tags for commands or for a block of preformatted text, use carets (^) symbols around it.

Shell Commands

As previously stated, use the code tag for shell commands. The format of the command should be as follows:

# command <generic argument>

For root commands. For user-level commands, use the % sign like this:

% command <generic argument>

Avoid bashisms or providing bash scripts. If at all possible, write scripts in korn/C shell and use the appropriate shebang. Bash is not a default shell in IRIX, nor is it preinstalled and the sooner bash habits can be unlearned, the better.

Tone, Writing Style, and Point of View

When possible, avoid use of pronouns of any kind unless talking about a specific individual or user. Do not address the reader as "you" and avoid use of "we, I, they, the user, the reader" etc. in writing. If there is a need to refer to someone, use "one" as in "One may way to heed this section of the style guide.".

When a person's sex is indeterminate, i,e. talking about a user, refer to the person using the person's username. Do not use 'they', 'he' or 'she' if the user's sex is unknown.

All articles should be written with a neutral, professional writing style that uses necessary technical jargon. The audience to keep in mind is a UNIX user with command line experience.

Edit Wars

Edit warring can happen to any wiki, including this one. The appropriate response in this is to contact a moderator on the forums immediately in the case of any edit warring. Admins are to adhere to the following rules in judging the appropriate action:

  • This Style Guide
  • The Rules
  • His/her own judgment
  • The author of the article (if a Tutorial)


IRIX Network welcomes users to create tutorials, but in order to ensure quality, we would prefer to stage these articles. This can be done by appending "draft" to the title of the page or staging it in an appropriate forum post. The staff is more than happy to help in any capacity.